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          Welded steel wire fabric for concrete reinforcement
          » Welded steel wire fabric for concrete reinforcement

          Thewholelineforproducingfencingmesh(wirediameterfromØ3.5mmtoØ12mm)iscomposedandintegratedbythefollowingplants: SJ-3200FENCINGMESHWELDINGMACHINE LayoutplanLinewirepay-off32setspay-offsforlinewire. Max.Carryingcapacity1,000Kgforeachset. Linewirest...Click for details

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          Short-cycle Lamination Production Line
          » Short-cycle Lamination Production Line

          1.Maineconomicaldataofproductionline 1.Board:PBandMDFlaminatedwithpaper 2.Boardsize:Q??0Q?830×3660mm 3.Auxiliarytime:Qvacuumcupturningin,dropping,suckingboard,lifting-carrierforwards-carrierbackwardsQ≤13+0.5S 4.Pressclosingandpressureris...Click for details

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          Egg Tray Mould
          » Egg Tray Mould

          Egg tray mouldsMould is the key factor determining the quality of product and requires strictly for techniques and process experience. With professional Egg tray moulds designers, we've provided about ten units of moulds in hundreds of sizes, textures and struct...Click for details

          Search keyword: Egg Tray Mould
          Potato Chips Processing machine
          » Potato Chips Processing machine

          Potato Chips Processing Equipment CLIMA Potato chips food processing line is a food production equipment which is developed by foreign advanced technology and with the our food production enterprise features. This potato chipprocessing line avoids ...Click for details

          Search keyword: potato chip processing machine   french fry processing machine
          citrus peeling machine
          » citrus peeling machine

          Traditionally, the only successful method of peeling and preparing citrus, orange, and other kinds of fruits for incorporation into fresh fruit salads, fresh fruit cans, has been entirely...Click for details

          Search keyword: citrus peeling machine   orange peeling machine   fruit peeling machine
          Brick Kiln
          » Brick Kiln

          The tunnel kiln is composed of of furnace body, traction system, rail, kiln-car, and firing system, hot air ventilation system, control system, etc. which has the merits as follows: low cost, small propeller, large load, arched furnace, security, convenient mainten...Click for details

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          Rope making machine
          » Rope making machine

          We provide the whole set of production line with the advanced technique. Rope Making Machines are available in 3 (Three) and 4 (Four) strands (ply) for rope diameters of 2 mm to 48 mm. Ropes can be made from nylon, monofilament yarn, PP t...Click for details

          Search keyword: rope making machine
          Polyester Staple Fibre Production Line
          » Polyester Staple Fibre Production Line

          Our polyester staple fibre production line can make use of recycled PET, LDPE and other plastic wastes, to produces a serial products of pre/post-spinning for normal fiber, three-dimensional, flexible polyester staple, which can be used to produce various kinds of s...Click for details

          Search keyword: Polyester Staple Fibre Production Line   PSF production line   Polyester staple fibre making machine
          PP woven paper kraft cement bag making machine
          » PP woven paper kraft cement bag making machine

          With many years of experience in packaging machinery and paper pulp industry, we are glad to present our PP woven paper kraft cement bag making machine, which can adopt PP woven paper, PE woven paper, kraft paper, to produce high-qualit...Click for details

          Search keyword: bag making machine
          EVA hot melt glue sticks extruder
          » EVA hot melt glue sticks extruder

          EVA hot melt glue sticks extruder EVA hot melt glue sticks extruder has wide applications. This type of EVA hot melts glue sticks extruder inherits all the merits of the original model of EVA hot melt glue sticks extruder, enhanced b...Click for details

          Search keyword: EVA
          Blister packaging machine
          » Blister packaging machine

          Blister packaging machine Blister packaging machine has wide applications. This type of Blister packaging machine inherits all the merits of the original model of Blister packaging machine, enhanced by new technology. Compared with other Blister packaging machi...Click for details

          Search keyword: blister packaging machine
          I.V. bag filling & making machine
          » I.V. bag filling & making machine

          I.V. bag filling & making machineI.V. ''bag making & filling machine has wide applications. This type of I.V. bag making & filling machine inherits all the merits of the original model of I.V. bag making & filling machine, enhanced by new technol...Click for details

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          XPS foam board extrusion line
          » XPS foam board extrusion line

          XPS foam board extrusion line XPS foam board extrusion line has wide applications. This type of XPS foam board extrusion line inherits all the merits of the original model of XPS foam board extrusion line, enhanced by new technology. Compared with ...Click for details

          Search keyword: XPS foam board extrusion line
          Chicken Incubator
          » Chicken Incubator

          We carry a wide selection of chicken incubators for our customers, ranging from box style incubator to tunnel style incubator. We also offer a great selection of incub...Click for details

          Search keyword: Chicken incubator
          Paper meal box machine 
          » Paper meal box machine 

          Paper meal box making machine, hamburger box making machine, snack food making machine, fast food making machine CLIMA is able to provide customers with meal box making machine, which can be engaged in producin...Click for details

          Search keyword: Paper meal box making machine   hamburger box making machine   snack food making machine   fast food packaging machine
          Tin can making machine
          » Tin can making machine

          CILMA tin can making machine values exploring and researching in can–making technology and has been supplying the series of can body production line for food processing industry, beverage industry, chemistry industry and more. The materi...Click for details

          Search keyword: Tin can making machine
          Plastic welding & cutting machine
          » Plastic welding & cutting machine

          High frequency simultaneous welding and cutting machineHigh frequency welding and cutting machine has wide applications. This type of High frequency welding and cutting machine inherits all the merits of the original model of High frequency welding and cutting m...Click for details

          Search keyword: plastic welding & cutting machine   PVC  EVA  PU welding & cutting machine
          Masterbatch Extruder
          » Masterbatch Extruder

          CLIMA masterbatch extruder has wide applications in the field of plastic recycling field and is able to produce masterbatch with various parameters. The whole set of masterbatch extruder is equipped with sectors of sr...Click for details

          Search keyword: Masterbatch extruder   master batch extruder
          Hydraulic baling press
          » Hydraulic baling press

          Hydraulic baling press has wide applications.This Hydraulic baling press inherits all the merits of Hydraulic baling press, enhanced by new technology. Compared with other Hydraulic baling press, our Hydraulic baling press enjoys many advantages including: more reasonab...Click for details

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          Hydraulic Shearing Machine
          » Hydraulic Shearing Machine

          Hydraulic Shearing Machine has wide applications.This Hydraulic Shearing Machine inherits all the merits of Hydraulic Shearing Machine, enhanced by new technology. Compared with other Hydraulic Shearing Machine, our Hydraulic Shearing Machine enjoys many advantages incl...Click for details

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